About Arbutus Funeral Service

Arbutus Funeral Service is located in the Walnut Grove area of northwest Langley Township. The company is family owned and is operated by Ian Elliott who has over 35 years of experience helping families through a very difficult time in their life. With Ian's strong tradition of excellence of listening and his compassionate care of each family, he creates a service that best honours the family's loved one. Arbutus Funeral Service truly believes that it is able to offer the highest quality of service at the greatest value.

Mission Statement 

To serve every family with respect, reverence and compassion. Dedicated to providing personal service yet offering practical and affordable solutions. To be culturally sensitive to the needs of all faiths.

Core Values

Respect, Integrity, Reverence, Compassion​

The name of the company was chosen to reflect Canada's beautiful west coast and also to respect the First Nations. The Arbutus tree is a sacred tree of the Salish Nation. The story goes that there was a great flood. This tree only grows near water and thus provided safety and refuge for the Salish Nation to tie their canoes to thus saving their people. The tree is known as the tree of knowledge as it knows how to find the sun. Its branches twist and turn to find the sun. If a branch is growing in shade or darkness it will drop this branch and grow a new one that will find the sun. The arbutus tree stands for a balance between light and dark. For Christians this meaning can be translated to finding the Light of Christ.