The Power of Preplanning: A Guide to Funeral Arrangements

June 29th, 2023
The Power of Preplanning: A Guide to Funeral Arrangements

Some individuals have clear ideas of how they want their funeral arrangements to proceed, and others really do not care. For those who want to do some funeral preplanning, we have prepared a short guide for you in today’s blog article.

The Will

If you know what you want for a funeral then you can mention it in your Will, although specifying funeral arrangements is not legally binding.

In British Columbia, you can attach something called a Memorandum of Wishes to your Will which can further outline what you want for your funeral. Again, this is not legally binding. However, assuming that you have chosen a trustworthy Executor to manage your affairs and estate the way you desire, then the Memorandum does carry some weight.

It is possible to carry insurance specifically with the goal of the proceeds paying for funeral expenses and possibly a later “celebration of life”. This is something that would/should be mentioned in the Will.

Talking to Loved Ones

One of the most important points here is to talk openly and clearly to your loved ones and executor about your wishes for a funeral if you feel strongly about it. Lots of individuals are very reluctant to discuss these matters, but people cannot carry out your wishes if they do not know what they are.

Talking to a Funeral Home

If there is a specific funeral home that you want to use, then talk to that entity while you are alive. Some people buy funeral plots for burial while they are alive in order to be buried near other loved ones. Some funeral homes will allow some prepayment for certain services. This is something to explore on a case-by-case basis.

The most important take-aways from this article are to express your wishes to those close to you, while you are able, and make sure you have a Will. These ensure your best chances for having the funeral that you want.

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