Support Services Available After A Suicide

January 5th, 2022
Support Services Available After A Suicide

It's never easy to lose a loved one, but losing someone to suicide can be even more difficult. Although the shock, uncertainty, feeling of guilt, and sadness might be challenging to deal with, there are methods to begin the process of healing.

Get Some Support

At Arbutus Funeral Service, we've seen how overwhelming the shock and grief can be after a suicide. In addition to grieving the loss of a loved one, you may also be dealing with many contradictory feelings. It can be confusing to understand the circumstances of their death.

  • Don't attempt to deal with this on your own; get help. There are a variety of options to help you cope with this difficult period.
  • When you're struggling with sorrow, it can be helpful to seek the support of close family and friends when you're ready to open up about your feelings.
  • Join a bereavement support group. Being in a group of people who have gone through the same thing may be a great source of support.
  • Psychiatrists and grief counsellors can help. As a last resort, you may want to seek treatment from a psychologist or psychiatrist specializing in bereavement therapy. Survivor outreach programs exist for those who lack access to treatment, and they allow you to meet with a volunteer who's had a similar experience to yours.

Professional Grief Counseling Services

We offer grief counselilng to provide family members with the skills they need to assist their grieving loved ones. Sessions like these help assist families in getting back to their daily routines and regaining a sense of normalcy in their lives. It’s our way to help clients get through a traumatic life phase.

For additional information on our preplanning services, feel free to call Arbutus Funeral Service and our funeral director will help you preplan a service if you need one.

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