How to Write a Eulogy That Captures a Loved One’s Life and Legacy

August 31st, 2023
How to Write a Eulogy That Captures a Loved One’s Life and Legacy

Writing a eulogy can be troublesome in knowing what to say and how much information to include. In today’s blog we will explain the key parts and include hints on how to write your eulogy.

In simple terms, divide the eulogy into three parts: the introduction, the middle, and the end.


Introduce yourself and explain why you are giving the eulogy. Try to give some specific and concrete examples of what the deceased person meant to you and why. Eulogies often include brief stories about the person who has died, and it is okay to include something lighthearted if you want to.


In the middle you should transition into what the deceased person did during his or her life and what he or she would want to be remembered for or should be remembered for. Again, include concrete and specific examples of that person’s courage or humility or kindness or generosity or humour. Use your own experiences to draw a picture.


Everyone is saddened by a funeral, but a good eulogy can help mourners to remember happier times and celebrate the life of the person who has died. What will capture the attention of the audience are the specifics, real stories, with details that appeal to the senses. For example, how this person paid for your university education so you could succeed, and how he or she came to your graduation with a bunch of balloons. Or tell how after you had suffered your own loss, this person brought a chocolate cake to your house, a cake that tasted so good, that people who came to your house commented on it.

You may know some stories that no one else knows. Share your own piece of history with the deceased with the congregation by highlighting the most memorable parts.  

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