How the Holiday Season Affects the Mourning Process

November 24th, 2023
How the Holiday Season Affects the Mourning Process

As Christmas approaches, those who are sadly preparing for a funeral may encounter some difficulties navigating the typical festive spirit everywhere. In today’s blog article we are going to talk about how the holiday season affects the mourning process.

There are both positives and negatives associated with a funeral during the Christmas season.


For many individuals, the new reality of enduring Christmas without your loved one is extremely difficult. One may have many years of memories of happy Christmas traditions that now come to a halt.

In addition, if Christmas is important to you, then there may be an added layer of guilt if you are enjoying any parts of Christmas traditions when you think you should be grieving instead. What people have to remember is that Christmas in our culture is as much a reality as death. Instead of feeling guilty, try to remember the good times that you experienced during past holidays.


For some, having Christmas occur during the grief process is a welcome relief. Christmas can be a way to distract you and take your mind off of your loss. As friends and family often gather during the holidays, these visitors can support you during your grief process and help you cope.

No matter what we do or not do, Christmas will come and go just like every year. Trying to at least enjoy a little of what the Christmas season has to offer can temper the grief of those who are suffering. You can always elect to downplay holidays this year while you are navigating a funeral if the festivities are too much for you. 

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