Grief Support Resources to Help You Heal

July 27th, 2023
Grief Support Resources to Help You Heal

People experience grief differently, and there are no instructions for how to grieve. Some people suffer unduly and may need some extra support. So, here are a few of many grief support resources available.


There are grief support discussion forums, and groups on social media that are for those who are grieving. Some people like the distance and anonymity that can come from online resources. You can do a simple Google search to see what is available in your area.


If you live in or near a big city, most hospice organizations have one or more grief support groups that meet on a regular basis.


Hospitals also typically offer grief support groups. This is something you could ask your family doctor or contact the regional health authority.


There is a British Columbia Bereavement Helpline:

(604) 738-9950 or Toll-Free at (877) 779-2223.


Lower Mainland Grief Recovery Society: (604) 696-1060. They have more than one grief support groups.

Family Services on the North Shore

They have a free 8-week grief recovery program. (604) 988-5281, ext. 233.

There are also specific grief-support groups for special types of losses, including the loss of partners, children, and even pet bereavement.

The national suicide helpline is (833) 456-4566. If you feel like you are at risk of hurting yourself, then go to your local emergency room.

In addition to the resources noted above, remember that you can also discuss your grief with your family doctor who may also be helpful. If you feel like you are overwhelmed or suffering for a very long time, then please ask for help. Reach out to your friends or family members and let them know that you need help. 

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