Do Some Women Serve As Pall Bearers At A Funeral?

July 28th, 2021
Do Some Women Serve As Pall Bearers At A Funeral?

Conventionally, you will see men as pallbearers. However, women can also serve as pallbearers at a funeral. It depends on who volunteers for it and whether all the family members are on board with the decision. While it may seem unconventional that primarily men are pallbearers, there is no religious or cultural angle to it.

Men are physically stronger and can carry the casket (which can be pretty heavy) more efficiently. The casket with the decedent's body can weigh 300 pounds or more, depending on the material used to make the casket. In some cases, people would have to haul and lift the casket to the shoulders, which might not always be physically possible for women.

However, if some women can, there is no reason why they cannot be pallbearers if they want to. At Arbutus Funeral Service, we have seen women taking over this role at some funerals.

Who Can Act As Pallbearers?

Pallbearers are sometimes family members of the deceased or close neighbors, colleagues, church mates, or workmates. Traditionally, a casket has six handles, there should also be six pallbearers.

The women who will be doing this job must not be too emotional- it can affect how they manage the process. Naturally, they need to be strong enough to handle the casket's weight. If a woman wants to be a pallbearer but is not strong enough to lift the casket, she can be an honorary pallbearer (a person who walks either behind or in front of the casket.)

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