Cremation Vs. Burial Costs | Funeral Homes in Surrey BC

November 2nd, 2022
Cremation Vs. Burial Costs | Funeral Homes in Surrey BC

Although cremation has been available for centuries, it is still a relatively uncommon funeral choice in the U. S. as an alternative to traditional funerals. Cremation piques people's interest primarily because it is more affordable than standard burials. The latter remains the standard disposition option when a person passes away, and people are still curious about its costs. Arbutus Funeral Service is among the well-established Funeral Homes in Surrey BC. Our experts discuss details about cremation costs and burial costs to help you make a better decision about which you would prefer.

Cremation Vs. Burial Costs In Funeral Homes In Surrey BC

One common misconception is that cremation is much cheaper than a traditional burial. Although a standard cremation is more cost-effective than burial, I t all depends on whether or not the family plans on having a customized or elaborate cremation ceremony. There are a few ways in which cremation might save money compared to a typical burial:

  • Memorial services are occasionally held after a person has been laid to rest in a conventional cemetery, but funeral services are more common. Conversely, families who choose cremation sometimes opt for more minor, less expensive services that are easier to organize and attend. Many people also mention their preference for cremation in their will while others prep-pay for it too, and it can save them $500 to $1,000 at funeral homes in Surrey, BC.
  • Most people who opt for cremation skip the viewings and visitations before a burial. By not going to a funeral home, you can save time and money on cosmetic procedures, embalming, personnel, and rental costs. It's possible to keep between $1500 and $1700 in this way.
  • A typical burial has several expenses, including transportation and gravesite amenities, a burial vault or casket, a grave marker, opening and closure fees, and the price of cemetery land. It does not cost more for a family to either preserve the remains in a container or disperse them at sea if they opt for cremation. They can expect savings of $4,050 to $4,500 in this manner.

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