Cremation: The Advantages and Disadvantages

November 26th, 2021
Cremation: The Advantages and Disadvantages

Every individual, as we all know, will die at some point. Despite this, people seldom address topics like dying openly. However, times are changing; any want to learn more about the procedures involved in cremation, its benefits, and its drawbacks. Arbutus Funeral Service offers preplanning services, and many clients are increasingly interested in learning about cremations. Here are the process's advantages and disadvantages:

Cremation - The Advantages

  • Cremation is less expensive than burial, making it a more affordable alternative for those on a tight budget.
  • You may preserve the cremains/ashes in an urn or container in your house and avoid paying for a burial.
  • Alternatively, you can have a traditional burial but bury the ashes or put the ashes in a columbarium after cremation.
  • Some individuals choose to have their ashes spread at sea or in another location.
  • In comparison to burial, cremation is a more environmentally friendly method of disposal.
  • After cremation, you can conduct a memorial ceremony for friends and family to say their goodbyes to the departed soul.
  • Cremation, like burial, can be planned and paid for in advance by an individual, and they can mention their wishes in their will. This is a good way to ensure that your family members follow your desires. 

The Disadvantages of Cremation

  • Certain religious sects believe cremation is not the proper method of disposal.
  • Cremation emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Cremation has several pros and downsides, and if you want further information, please get in touch with our funeral director. They will provide you with all the information you need and will assist you in making informed decisions. Additionally, you may share these things with your family members and get their views. 

For any information about our various funeral services, feel free to call Arbutus Funeral Service, and our funeral director will help you preplan a service if you need one.

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