Celebrating Memories: How to Plan a Meaningful Funeral

April 29th, 2023
Celebrating Memories: How to Plan a Meaningful Funeral

Planning a funeral is not the easiest job. Family members are often grief-stricken, and preparing for the funeral can feel like a huge burden. In addition, we want funerals to feel meaningful. So, how exactly do you plan for that?

Honouring the Deceased

The first and most important path to a meaningful funeral is by honouring the wishes of the deceased. So, if the deceased has left written instructions for what he or she wants, or if you had previously spoken to the person about his or her wishes, then by all means try to honour those wishes first, if possible.


For those who speak at funerals, whether it is a clergyperson or friend or family member, it is much more meaningful if the speaker knew the deceased well. So, try to select, ahead of time, people to speak, who knew the departed person and can speak from the heart—and pronounce the deceased’s name correctly. Suggest that the speaker tell a story or two about the person who has departed, such as a story with a moral, or a story that reflects the person’s character.

Rely on the Funeral Home

Let the funeral home you are using help you to do some of the planning. This is their role, and they are good at it. If you are feeling overwhelmed, then lean on the funeral home. It is also possible to ask a family member or friend for help or to even take over the funeral planning altogether, if it feels like too much for you.

Happy Memories

For most of us, the memory of happy times is what will give us peace after a death. Think about those happy times, and talk about them, before, during, and after the funeral. While facing the death of a loved one can be a trying time, let the happy memories give you comfort, now and in the future.

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