Building The Perfect Video Memorial For Your Loved One

August 20th, 2021
Building The Perfect Video Memorial For Your Loved One

We at Arbutus Funeral Service have seen the positive impact a video memorial can have on family members or friends bidding farewell to a loved one. A tribute video can help depict the individual's life, and it is an excellent way to pay homage to a loved one’s memory. The videos and images in them can help those attending the service get a better idea of their personality.

In addition, when you create a memorial video, it helps to start the healing process. However, not all family members grieve similarly and, you must take their input about whether they want a video memorial made. There are different types of photographs, frames, and music that you can incorporate into the video memorial, which will add a unique touch. 

Different Things To Consider

Here are some things you must consider while creating a memorial video:

  • Decide where you will play the video. The overall design and the length of the recording will depend on this aspect.
  • While creating the video, consider your loved one’s personality, and ensure that the visuals reflect it.
  • Choose photographs demonstrating your loved one’s passions, ambitions, and hobbies.
  • Include images or video clippings that cover the person’s early years, milestones they have celebrated, people close to them, and more.
  • Add visuals where you can see the places they have traveled to and the sights they have seen.

There are no hard and fast rules to follow when you are making a video memorial. You can make this yourself if you have the skills to do so or hire a professional for it. The person that designs and creates the video will consider your preferences and include the images and clips you want. 

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