Beyond the Casket: Exploring Non-Traditional Funeral Options

May 27th, 2023
Beyond the Casket: Exploring Non-Traditional Funeral Options

There are many types of nontraditional funerals available to Canadians. In today’s blog we will mention some of these nontraditional choices, but take note that not all are available in British Columbia.


Cremation is less traditional in western culture, but it is becoming more popular because it is usually cheaper than a traditional funeral and it is more environmentally friendly. Cremation is available across Canada.

Donation to Science

It is possible to donate a body to science in several provinces, but you would have to talk to the different scientific organizations individually. Most require you to transport the body yourself to their facility.


This may sound odd, but it is possible to prepare the body for burial at home and actually do the burial yourself, although you will have to research how to do this legally in each province. This is how bodies were handled throughout history, and it is much more recent that funeral providers exist.

There are some other options in other countries, like a funeral pyre, or being buried in a mushroom suit, or having your ashes planted along with a tree. The funeral business continues to evolve as people want more freedom and also desire environmentally friendly alternatives.

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