Are All Caskets The Same Size?

August 26th, 2022
Are All Caskets The Same Size?

Several clients of Arbutus Funeral Service have questions regarding the dimensions of caskets and are curious to know whether or not they are all identical in size. Caskets are available in varying sizes. A standard-size option should suffice if you require a casket for a loved one who has passed away. If the deceased were particularly large, you would need a larger, spacious one.

Different Size Caskets

Here is some information about casket sizes:

1. Dimensions Of A Standard Casket

Most caskets are 84 inches in length, 28 inches in width, and 23 inches in depth. Caskets made of wood and steel are almost identical in size. Regular cemeteries are suitable for caskets of standard sizes " (usually 30" in width). There will be a wide range of possible interior coffin dimensions. Metal caskets are typically 78–79 inches long and 23–24 inches wide inside.

Standard caskets can accommodate a person up to 350 pounds and roughly 6'5" in height, making them suitable for most people. A funeral director, however, should be consulted because of their expertise and knowledge in casket selection.

2. Larger Casket Dimensions

If you'd like more room inside the casket and the deceased person was on the larger side, a more oversized casket could be an option. Although its length is about the same as a regular casket, the interior space is much larger. Larger than average caskets typically measure at least 27 inches across the outer surface but often measure much less inside. Caskets can be found in lengths of 28, 29, 33, 40, and 44 inches. Everything would be sized down by an inch on the inside compared to how it appears outside.

How To Choose The Right Casket

If an oversized casket is more reasonably priced than a traditional piece, some people might decide to buy it even if their deceased loved one does not need the extra space. To ensure the dearly departed is in a comfortable position, they could decide to increase the amount of padding inside the casket.

You can make a more educated decision about the size of the casket you need to buy now since you have a few guidelines to work from. Before making a purchase, it is highly advised that you consult a funeral director for an honest opinion.

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